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Daily breaking news about the coworking industry.
About CoworkNews

CoworkNews is the only comprehensive source of daily breaking news about the global coworking industry, featuring stories from more than 1,400 news sources around the world.

Coworking is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, with new spaces opening daily in cities all over the world. Whether you're an industry leader, a community builder, a space owner, a member of the press, a researcher, or simply a shared workspace enthusiast, CoworkNews will help you stay up to date and in the loop!

Create a free account to search our news archive, save your favorite stories for later, share content through social media, access additional content, and submit stories we might have overlooked.

Please download our free Style and Usage Guide too. The purpose of this guide is to establish and impart a consistent standard for modern-day usage of the word coworking and its variants in the context of shared work space.

CoworkNews launched in January 2016 and is curated by Ironfire founder Josh Rencher in Long Beach, California. If anything can be done to make CoworkNews more useful to you, please email or tweet @CoworkNews. Thanks for depending on CoworkNews!
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