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June 27, 2017 — Due to the investment of time required to curate and maintain CoworkNews, we've decided put it on hiatus for a while. You can still create an account, search our archive of nearly 5,000 coworking stories from more than 1,600 international news sources, and mark your favorites for reading later. Thank you for your continued support!
Spotlight on Collective Works, a Flexible and Collaborative Alternative to Serviced Offices in Singapore
BLLNR on Jun 7, 2017
4 saves
Singapore Developers Turn to Coworking Spaces Amid Office Glut and Changing Needs
Nikkei Asian Review on Mar 28, 2017
2 saves
Popularity of Coworking Space Growing Among Asian SMEs and Start-Ups
The Nation on Feb 24, 2017
2 saves
Collective Workspace in Melbourne Features Plank-Covered Walls and Bespoke Furniture
DeZeen on Oct 30, 2016
4 saves
Small Firms' Need for Office Space Overlooked
The Straits Times on Aug 22, 2016
4 saves
Meet the Man Behind Coworking Space Operator Collective Works
Singapore Business Review on Aug 19, 2016
3 saves
Sharing Office Space Can Mean Big Business in Singapore
The Straits Times on Jun 26, 2016
5 saves
The Art of Collecting Members and Spaces
The Business Times on Jun 7, 2016
2 saves
Collective Works and CapitaLand Set Up Coworking Joint Venture in Singapore
DealStreetAsia on Mar 24, 2016
5 saves
CapitaLand to Launch Swanky Coworking Space in Singapore's Capital Tower
Singapore Business Review on Mar 23, 2016
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